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Saint Ann Legacy Grants

The Saint Ann Legacy Grants reflect our ongoing support to the Catholic community and Catholic Sisters, with priority given to the sponsored ministries of the Sisters of Charity of St. Augustine. These responsive grants commemorate the Saint Ann Foundation, which was dedicated to supporting women, youth and the ministries of women religious.

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An Overview of all our Grantmaking

The Sisters of Charity Foundation of Cleveland directs the majority of our funds to our focus areas, particularly our strategic initiatives of ending homelessness, reducing health and education disparities in Cleveland’s Central Neighborhood, supporting women religious and their ministries in Northeast Ohio, and serving as the lead partner in the Cleveland Central Promise Neighborhood initiative.

Our mission, though, calls us to devote a portion of our funds to responding to our community needs.

Our responsive grantmaking includes the annual Good Samaritan Grants Program, our participation in community collaborations, and our ongoing support to the Catholic community and women religious, with priority given to the sponsored ministries of the Sisters of Charity of St. Augustine. 

An Introduction to the Saint Ann Legacy Grant

The Sisters of Charity Foundation of Cleveland traces its roots back to 1851, when the Sisters of Charity of St. Augustine (CSA) arrived in Cleveland from France to serve as the first public health nurses. In 1973 the sisters used the proceeds of the sale of Saint Ann Hospital to endow the Saint Ann Foundation, the first health care conversion foundation and the first foundation formed by a congregation of Catholic sisters in the United States. In 2006, the Sisters of Charity Health Foundation of Cleveland merged with the Saint Ann Foundation and the two foundations blended their missions. Central to the mission of both foundations and a deep-seated facet of the foundation today is supporting congregations of Catholic sisters and their ministries.

The Saint Ann Legacy Grants are responsive grants of up to $10,000 to support the ministries of Catholic sisters in Northeast Ohio as they work to meet the needs of God’s people. Ministries of Catholic sisters include those that are sponsored or led by Catholic Sisters or programs at other organizations where Sisters are significantly involved. The purpose of these grants is to support the Sisters at work in our region today.

Consistent with the Foundation’s mission, the Saint Ann Legacy grant gives special attention to ministries reaching out to those most in need, particularly low-income women, children, and youth. The program, however, also recognizes the call of women religious to address other areas of need, such as spiritual needs, social justice, or ecology.


Applicants of the Saint Ann Legacy Program must be ministries of Catholic Sisters, defined to include ministries sponsored by orders or led by Catholic Sisters or organizations where Sisters are significantly involved. Applicants must have tax-exempt status as nonprofit organizations, as identified by the Internal Revenue Code and are not made to individuals.

The Saint Ann Legacy Program is a particularly good fit for smaller ministries which may experience more challenges with fund development. Grants are for ministries in Northeast Ohio, as defined as the Dioceses of Cleveland and Youngstown.

2016 Guidelines

Funds may be used for program expenses, planning, and capacity-building for ministries. Though the grant may be used for salary support, salary requests should not exceed 50% of the salary for a position and should identify additional sources of funding for the position. Grants will not support endowments, annual appeals, membership drives, debt retirement, individual scholarships, or capital expenses.

Grant proposals should be accompanied by a support letter from leadership of the religious order(s) of the sisters involved in the ministry. It should be noted that grant recipients can receive three consecutive Saint Ann Legacy grants and then must take a year off before reapplying.

2016 Review

During the review process, applicants may receive a site visit from foundation staff, Board members, and/or consultants. The site visits took place between April 18-29, 2016.

2016 Grant Period

The timeline for use of funds is up to one year. Organizations that have previously received grants under this program must submit a report on the activities and funds spent to date as part of their application. If grant funds have not been fully spent by the time of the application, a Final Report also will be required at the end of the grant term.


How to Submit an Application (2016)

Saint Ann Legacy Grant applications will be submitted through an online system for grant applications (link to application). The online submission deadline was April 15, 2016 at 11:59 pm.

Grant Application Checklist (2016)

Organization and Program/Project Overview

Program/Project Budget

Capacity and Impact

Supporting Documents

  • Budget Form
  • Copy of IRS designation
  • Most recent audited financial statement
  • List of current Board of Directors
  • Project Plan
  • Support letter from congregational leader

Final Progress Report and updated Project/Implementation Plan (for current Saint Ann Legacy grantees only).





2017 Saint Ann Legacy Grant dates coming soon


For technical assistance questions for application submission, please contact:

Ursula Craig, 216-357-4472 or

For technical assistance for grant development:

Erin McIntyre, 216-357-4464 or