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Coming soon: New initiative to fight poverty

Want to help fight poverty? We have an idea. We hope you do, too. A new initiative from the Sisters of Charity Foundation of Cleveland, in partnership with the Cleveland Leadership Center, will launch in the next few weeks. The goal is to improve the lives of people most in need by supporting leaders with innovative ideas to fight poverty and help them bring these ideas to life.

Did you know one in three City of Cleveland residents – and half of its children – live in poverty? That’s less than $24,600 a year for a family of four in 2017. And just $16,240 for a household of two. But poverty is about much more than income. It’s hunger.  It’s being sick and not able to fill your prescription. It’s figuring how to do laundry so your children have clean uniforms for school. It’s wondering how a new job or spouse could jeopardize your public housing. It’s not having transportation to get to a job. It’s not considering a trip to the zoo because you can’t afford admission or the transportation to get there. It’s facing the day-to-day challenges and not being able to plan for the future.

The challenges are great. The solutions should be greater. And that’s what we’re planning – and asking professionals in the nonprofit, for-profit and public sectors to consider joining us.

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