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SOCF program director reflects on Equity Summit

More than 70 Ohioans attended PolicyLink’s Equity Summit in April, including SOCF’s senior program director, Adrienne Mundorf. Adrienne recently spoke with Philanthropy Ohio to reflect on the equity summit. We’ve shared her answers below; for the full article, including thoughts from several of Ohio’s philanthropic leaders, check out Philanthropy Ohio’s summer edition of Philanthropy Review (subscription required). 


Reflections from the Equity Summit

Why did you attend the summit?

The goals of the Sisters of Charity Foundation of Cleveland – ending homelessness, reducing health and education disparities, and strengthening the capacity of Catholic sisters’ ministries and the community – cannot be achieved without a focus on equity. I attended the conference to better understand how other communities and organizations are working toward advancing equity; to connect with the 70-plus members of the Ohio delegation to share ideas on how to advance equity in our communities; and to be inspired by an incredible set of speakers and attendees united in our vision of equitable communities.

What was your biggest takeaway or a-ha moment?

I left with a new understanding of the power of storytelling and the idea that storytelling can help shift narratives. We’re in a moment in history when diverging attitudes on racial and economic inequities are widening. Reframing narratives through an equity lens is critical to giving a voice to the underserved and changing policy and cultural norms in ways all people, regardless of race, religion, ethnic background or economic status, can reach their full potential.

How will your experience at the summit inform or guide your work going forward?

The Sisters of Charity Foundation of Cleveland is committed to addressing the needs of those living in poverty. With a clear connection between racial inequities and generational poverty in our community, we can use the power of storytelling to lift up the voices of the communities we serve to help change ineffective policies and systems.

Adrienne Mundorf

Adrienne Mundorf, Senior Program Director

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