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Ministry Leadership Program Participants


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Participants include 10 young adult staff members from  sister-founded schools throughout greater Cleveland, and 10 sister companions representing the congregations that sponsor those schools.


Laura Antel | Fifth/Sixth Grade Teacher Metro Catholic School

Sister companion: Mary Jane Vovk, SND


Charles Bohnak | English Teacher

Notre Dame-Cathedral Latin School

Sister companion: Rose Falorio, SND

Guest blog from Charles: Sisters and young adults must walk together to the future


Aaron Calton | Theology Teacher

Trinity High School

Sister companion: Jane Blabolil, SSJ-TOSF


Brendan Corrigan | Accountant

Saint Martin de Porres High School

Sister companion: Mary Pat Cook, HM

Guest blog from Brendan: Belonging is central to the Ministry Leadership Program


Alexis Flinn | Third Grade Teacher

Incarnate Word Academy

Sister companion: Rosemarie Burke, SIW

Guest blog from Alexis: Sharing the word through the sister model


Michalena Mezzopera | Theology Teacher

Notre Dame-Cathedral Latin School

Sister companion: Lisette Petelin, SND

Guest blog from Michalena: I had no homeroom. I called a sister “home” instead.


Molly Schneider | Social Studies Teacher

Notre Dame-Cathedral Latin School

Sister companion: Jacquelyn Gusdane, SND


Brianna Wilson | English/Religion Teacher

Villa Angela – St. Joseph High School

Sister companion: Virginia DeVinne, OSU

Guest blog from Brianna: How sisters helped model my journey


Anita Yoder | Assistant Director of Campus Ministry

Notre Dame College

Sister companion: Carol Brandt, SND


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