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About the Sisters of Charity Foundation of Cleveland

Sisters of Charity Foundation of Cleveland 20th anniversary annual report, 2017

Sisters of Charity Foundation of Cleveland 2020 Strategic Plan, 2019

Ending homelessness

The Cleveland Eviction Study: Observations in Eviction Court and the Stories of People Facing Eviction, 2019

The Cleveland Eviction Study: Downstream Paths of Evictions into Homelessness and Loss of Human Capital , 2019

Facilitating Systems Change to End Youth Homelessness: Foundations for Youth Success Minnesota Convening Takeaways, 2016

Preventing and Ending Youth Homelessness in Cuyahoga County: A Strategic Plan, 2015

Improving health

A Progress Report: The Middle Grade Education Exposure Strategy, 2013

Health Literacy Report, 2012

Supporting Catholic sisters and their ministries

Ministries of Catholic Sisters in the Diocese of Cleveland: Assessing Capacity and Opportunity in a Period of Transition, 2018

Catholic Sisters in Ministry in the Diocese of Cleveland: A Period of Transition, 2017

Support for Sister-Affiliated Ministries During Challenging Times: Understanding a Foundation Initiative in Two Regions, 2014

Called By Faith (Collaboration for Ministry Initiative Newsletter), 2014

The Harvest of Ministry: Exploring the Ministry of Catholic Sisters, 2013

Collaboration for Ministry Initiative Newsletter, 2013

Women Religious in a Changing Urban Landscape: The Work of Catholic Sisters in Metropolitan Cleveland, 2012

Progress & Promise: Sisters Serving Northeast Ohio, 2011

Leading a Promise Neighborhood

Cleveland Central Promise Neighborhood: On the Move, 2013

The Innovation Mission

Wanted: Innovative Ideas to Fight Poverty, 2017


The Innovation Mission Part 2: The power of innovative thinking, July 2018

The Innovation Mission Part 1: Meet the fellows & their big ideas, April 2018

Turning big ideas into solutions to fight poverty in Cleveland, May 2017

Take a stand against poverty in Cleveland. #SpeakUpCLE, July 2016

Susanna Krey’s welcome to the 2015 Crain’s Women of Note Summit & Awards, July 2015