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Breaking the cycle of poverty

Sisters of Charity Foundation of Cleveland 20th anniversary annual report, 2017

Ending homelessness

The Cleveland Eviction Study: Observations in Eviction Court and the Stories of People Facing Eviction, 2019

The Cleveland Eviction Study: Downstream Paths of Evictions into Homelessness and Loss of Human Capital , 2019

Facilitating Systems Change to End Youth Homelessness: Foundations for Youth Success Minnesota Convening Takeaways, 2016

Preventing and Ending Youth Homelessness in Cuyahoga County: A Strategic Plan, 2015

Improving health

A Progress Report: The Middle Grade Education Exposure Strategy, 2013

Health Literacy Report, 2012

Supporting Catholic sisters and their ministries

Ministries of Catholic Sisters in the Diocese of Cleveland: Assessing Capacity and Opportunity in a Period of Transition, 2018

Catholic Sisters in Ministry in the Diocese of Cleveland: A Period of Transition, 2017

Support for Sister-Affiliated Ministries During Challenging Times: Understanding a Foundation Initiative in Two Regions, 2014

Called By Faith (Collaboration for Ministry Initiative Newsletter), 2014

The Harvest of Ministry: Exploring the Ministry of Catholic Sisters, 2013

Collaboration for Ministry Initiative Newsletter, 2013

Women Religious in a Changing Urban Landscape: The Work of Catholic Sisters in Metropolitan Cleveland, 2012

Progress & Promise: Sisters Serving Northeast Ohio, 2011

Leading a Promise Neighborhood

Cleveland Central Promise Neighborhood: On the Move, 2013

The Innovation Mission

Wanted: Innovative Ideas to Fight Poverty, 2017


The Innovation Mission Part 2: The power of innovative thinking, July 2018

The Innovation Mission Part 1: Meet the fellows & their big ideas, April 2018

Turning big ideas into solutions to fight poverty in Cleveland, May 2017

Take a stand against poverty in Cleveland. #SpeakUpCLE, July 2016

Susanna Krey’s welcome to the 2015 Crain’s Women of Note Summit & Awards, July 2015