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Statement regarding systemic racism in our communities

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A message on behalf of the Sisters of Charity Foundation of Cleveland

At the Sisters of Charity Foundation of Cleveland, we condemn and revile the acts of violence against the black community, in particular black males, at the hands of law enforcement. The heightening dialogue and demonstrations are challenging us to renew our commitment to justice and think critically about who we are as active members of the Cleveland community, carrying forth the legacy of the Sisters of Charity of St. Augustine.

As a Catholic ministry, we must work in solidarity to end the racism and violence that continues to devastate the health and well-being of too many individuals and communities.

As stewards of the mission of the Sisters of Charity of St. Augustine, we honor more than a century of service alongside the marginalized communities of Cleveland through ministries of health care, social service and education. Our founding sisters and spiritual leaders encourage us to challenge the systemic structures that perpetuate generations of emotional, physical and financial pain for our black communities.

As a foundation, we will continue our pursuit of both unlearning and learning anew the complex systems within philanthropy that impede progress toward our vision of an equitable community. We will ask ourselves difficult questions and reckon with the truth.

As Clevelanders, we stand in solidarity with our black neighbors calling for an end to police brutality. We have witnessed injustice not just across the nation, but within our own communities for generations. We must find effective ways to hold law enforcement accountable to acts of violence, so that together we can make peace in our communities.

As community leaders, we are fortunate to be part of a dynamic and vibrant group of organizations who are vocal in their striving for racial equity. We must hold one another accountable to examine our policies and practices to determine who is excluded or disadvantaged, and we must make room for their influence, voice and power in redesigning the systems that result in a noticeable change within our community. This requires collaboration among new voices with different experiences that think, look and listen differently, and we must provide them equal platforms as we seek solutions together.

Please, stay with us on this journey and share your wisdom as we all work toward our foundation’s vision: An equitable community, where opportunities for growth and quality of life are shared by all.

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