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Good Samaritan Grants Program

Since its inception in 1851, the congregation of the Sisters of Charity of St. Augustine has sought to help and provide services to those living in poverty. As a ministry of the Sisters, the Sisters of Charity Foundation of Cleveland offers Good Samaritan grants. In the Good Samaritan parable, we are called to be a good neighbor to people in need.

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An overview of all our grantmaking

The Sisters of Charity Foundation of Cleveland directs the majority of our funds to our focus areas, particularly our strategic initiatives of ending homelessness, reducing health and education disparities in Cleveland’s Central Neighborhood, supporting women religious and their ministries in Northeast Ohio, and serving as the lead partner in the Cleveland Central Promise Neighborhood initiative.

Our mission, though, calls us to devote a portion of our funds to responding to our community needs.

Our responsive grantmaking includes the annual Good Samaritan Grants Program, our participation in community collaborations, and our ongoing support to the Catholic community and women religious, with priority given to the sponsored ministries of the Sisters of Charity of St. Augustine. 

The Good Samaritan Grants Program was the first initiative founded by the foundation after it was established in 1996.


Good Samaritan Grants Recipients

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An introduction to the Good Samaritan Grants Program

As an urban center undergoing significant economic change, Cleveland has some of the highest poverty rates in the nation. From day to day, families and individuals in our community struggle to meet their basic needs as they strive to climb out of economic poverty. While the Sisters of Charity Foundation of Cleveland devotes most of its resources to achieve long-term change in health, housing, and education, it cannot ignore the magnitude of this daily struggle for food, shelter, clothing and other basic needs.

The Good Samaritan Program responds to our community’s challenge of ensuring that its residents can meet their basic needs. Inspired by the parable of Jesus calling us to be good neighbors, this program’s particular purpose is to support non-profit organizations for which a modest grant would make a difference in continuing to provide necessary and immediate goods and services to individuals living in poverty. The program expresses the important value of the Sisters of Charity of St. Augustine of respecting the dignity of every individual.


Guidelines and new information for the Good Samaritan Grants Program in 2019

 Deadline to apply is June 5, 2019.

Grant Request

Grant requests are for $5,000 (partial funding will not be awarded). Please note, this is a competitive grant program and funding requests always exceed the grant program budget.


Organizations must be tax-exempt, nonprofit organizations that primarily serve residents of Cuyahoga County. Final reports for all previous Sisters of Charity Foundation of Cleveland grants must have been submitted for a new grant application to be considered. 

If an organization has an active Good Samaritan Grant at the time of application, it must submit a Final Report or a Progress Report (if grant funds have not been fully spent) with its application for the new grant.  

An organization is eligible for up to three consecutive Good Samaritan Grants. The organization must then take a one-year break before applying for a new Good Samaritan Grant.


Type of Support

Good Samaritan Grants are to be used to provide for the basic needs of individuals living in poverty. Good Samaritan grants may not be used for operating and salary support, endowments, capital campaigns, fundraising campaigns (including annual appeals), membership drives, debt retirement, construction, or individual scholarships.

Guidance on basic needs:  Basic needs generally encompasses food, clothing, emergency shelter, identification and transportation to access these services. In addition, necessary goods associated with the basic needs, such as utilities & hygiene products, stipends, etc. will be considered. Necessary goods associated with being able to find employment or to attend school may also be considered a basic need. The program may fund emergency, short-term medications or medical supplies, recognizing that the program is not intended to address systemic and substantial funding gaps in health care.


Site visits may be conducted as part of the review process, particularly if you are a new applicant or are seeking funding for a new program.

Funding Decision

The Board of Directors will make funding decisions at the Foundation’s mid-September Board meeting. Once a decision is made you will be notified in writing.

Grant Period

Grant funds may be used for up to one year or until October 31, 2020. This includes programs that would begin immediately as well as basic needs programs that are intended for the spring/summer of 2020.

Application Deadline

 WEDNESDAY, JUNE 5, 2019 by 5:00 p.m.

Good Samaritan Grant applications will be submitted through an online proposal submission system. Application materials will be available through the Foundation’s website beginning April 23, 2019.


If you have any questions, please contact us via email at




Print the 2019 Good Samaritan Grants guidelines

View a printable version of the Good Samaritan Grants Program 2019 guidelines.

Deadline to apply is June 5, 2019. 

Apply online

Access our online system for grant applications and management.


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